Starry Hill News

A Trip to the Trifid Nebula (7/15/15)

Most people love to go on trips -- to the mountains, beaches, tropics, cruises and more. We at Starry Hill love to travel through the Cosmos and, last night, we went to the Trifid Nebula in the Constellation Sagittarius!

We are finally there.... Pluto! (7/14/15)

After ten years of traveling, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has made it to Pluto today (July 14, 2015). The first-ever closeup pictures of Pluto are now arriving!

Close Encounters of the Bright Kind (6/23/15)

The three brightest objects in Earth's night sky are the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. For the rest of June, all three will be visible in the evening with Jupiter and Venus coming together by the end of the month.

First Summer Astrophotos! (6/8/15)

Who says the Pacific NW is not a great place for stargazing? In fact, Summer is a great time in the NW because the skies tend to be clear and warm and because there are so many great targets.

For proof, check out these cool astrophotos we took this last weekend...

Trio in Leo (4/19/15)

Spring is a tougher time for stargazing in the Pacific Northwest -- partly because clear skies are few and partly because the targets in the Spring sky are more challenging. But we had success last night!