Starry Hill News

First Summer Astrophotos! (6/8/15)

Who says the Pacific NW is not a great place for stargazing? In fact, Summer is a great time in the NW because the skies tend to be clear and warm and because there are so many great targets.

For proof, check out these cool astrophotos we took this last weekend...

Trio in Leo (4/19/15)

Spring is a tougher time for stargazing in the Pacific Northwest -- partly because clear skies are few and partly because the targets in the Spring sky are more challenging. But we had success last night!

Lunar Eclipse - April 4th, 2015 (4/4/15)

This lunar eclipse wasn't the easiest to watch -- here at Starry Hill, it occurred in the early morning hours while it was close to freezing outside. But it put on an awesome show... hope you got to see it too!

The 2015 Dance of Venus and Mars (2/23/15)

In 2015 Venus and Mars will be swiftly and gracefully 'dancing' across our sky. Of all the planets, these two often put on the most interesting show from Earth. Click to learn why and what their motions will look like for 2015.

Winter is a Great Time for Stargazing (2/17/15)

Precious few are the clear nights in the Pacific Northwest in Winter. When they do happen stargazers all around the Northwest know that they can be fantastic -- last night was no exception. We took this cool picture and others.