Starry Hill News

2016 Star Guides Lineup (8/2/16)

Not only is Starry Hill a place for kids to come to connect with our universe, it is also a place that, as much as possible, is run by kids. That's why we have the Star Guides program, now in its fifth year.

Goodbye and Hello! (6/8/16)

We say goodby to the 2015/6 school year. It has been the best so far -- more groups, more visitors and more great times. And we say hello to our 2016 Summer Season with lots of star parties and other activities planned.

New US Stamp: Star Trails at Mt Rainier (4/21/16)

A nightscape photograph of Mount Rainier is part of a 16-stamp series commemorating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. This photo was taken by Matt Dieterich, a young intern with the NPS Night Skies program at Mt Rainier, the same program that Starry Hill has been a part of the last two years.

It's Time to Schedule your Field Trip

Starry Hill continues to get busier each year with field trips of students from several districts and groups in both Pierce and Thurston counties. Are you interested in bringing your public school, private school, home school or other group of kids to Starry Hill? If so, to avoid scheduling conflicts we recommend that you contact us ASAP to book your 2016 trip. Click the Contact link on the left to learn how.

Catalina -- First Comet of 2016 (1/1/16)

On January 1, 2016, Comet Catalina will be passing within 1 degree of the northern hemisphere's brightest star -- Arcturus. It will be moving in our sky towards Alkaid -- the end star of the handle of the Big Dipper -- and will pass it on January 15th.

Update: On January 8th we photographed Comet Catalina -- it had two tails! Go to the Astrophotos section of this website to see our photo.