Starry Hill News

Catalina -- First Comet of 2016 (1/1/16)

On January 1, 2016, Comet Catalina will be passing within 1 degree of the northern hemisphere's brightest star -- Arcturus. It will be moving in our sky towards Alkaid -- the end star of the handle of the Big Dipper -- and will pass it on January 15th.

Update: On January 8th we photographed Comet Catalina -- it had two tails! Go to the Astrophotos section of this website to see our photo.

We are Part of a Glorious Collection of Stars (11/14/15)

Eatonville School District Superintendent Krestin Bahr honored Starry Hill Star Guides in a Special Message to the school district's community as well as to the full Eatonville community in the Eatonville Dispatch newspaper.

Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Braden Henricksen (11/10/15)

The Royal Observatory of Greenwich has released its 2015 book with the best astrophotos from around the world. We are proud that this book includes a photo taken at Starry Hill by one of our Star Guides, Braden Henricksen.

Four of the 'Seven Sisters' (11/1/15)

Who says you can't connect with the stars on rainy days in western Washington? On those days, it is not unusual for the skies to open up for a hour or two and, when they do, we are ready! This astrophoto of four of the Seven Sisters was taken between storms.

Asteroid To Pass Earth on Halloween (10/26/15)

On the night of October 30th and the morning of October 31st, asteroid 2015 TB145 will be passing earth at a distance of about 300,000 miles. For comparison, the moon is about 230,000 miles from earth. We will be attempting to view and photograph it here at Starry Hill.