Starry Hill News

Spectacular Aurora Borealis at Starry Hill (5/29/17)

On the night of May 27th while many of us were viewing Jupiter, Saturn and more, an unexpected explosion of light appeared in the north -- the Aurora Borealis -- which mesmerized us for nearly an hour!

A Total Solar Eclipse is coming to the Northwest! (5/5/17)

For the first time in nearly four decades, a total solar eclipse is coming to the Pacific Northwest and other parts of North America. Mark your calendars for August 21, 2017 for this not-to-be-missed event.

New Guide for Choosing Telescopes

At Starry Hill, we often get asked by parents for advice about getting telescopes for their children. To better address this, we've added a new section to our website. Click Telescopes to the left to take a look.

Lots of New Planetarium Shows (1/23/17)

Since our goal here at Starry Hill is to help kids connect with the Universe, we asked kids to send us their questions about space.

We received dozens of questions and got right to work creating new 'mini' planetarium shows to address as many as possible.

These shows are now available for all the visitors to Starry Hill. Click for details.

Starry Hill welcomes Scouts (1/22/17)

Starry Hill has been hosting scouts since the beginning in 2010. The kids from Boy Scout Troop 503 recently visited Starry Hill and impressed us with their enthusiasm in learning new things and in their desire to make a positive difference in our communities.