STARGAZING ALERT: Feb 23-1st Quarter, Feb 25-Delta Leonids Meteor Shower, Mar 2-Full Moon, Mar 7-Moon passes Jupiter 

2014 Star Guides (8/27/14)

Not only is Starry Hill a place for kids to come to connect with our universe, it is also a place that, as much as possible, is run by kids. That's why we have the Star Guides program, now in its third year. For the 2014 stargazing season, we had three great Star Guides -- Braden, Evan and John.

Connections with Eatonville High School  (4/25/14)

Eatonville High School has awesome teachers and students! For several years now, the teachers have been bringing their students to Starry Hill so that we can help them connect with the Universe.

Eatonville SD Students Learn to Use Telescopes (4/15/14)

The fifth grade students from Eatonville SD Elementary Schools came to Starry Hill to learn how to use telescopes and much more.

Mt Rainier Natl. Park Interpretive Staff Visit Starry Hill (2/27/14)

Considering that Mt Rainier forms a grand backdrop to Starry Hill, we were especially excited to host the people who make up the Interpretive and Education Staff at Mt Rainier National Park.

New Star Guide Program for Kids (8/9/13)

New for our 2013 Stargazing Season is our Star Guide Program. Star Guides are kids from the local area who have a strong interest in stargazing and want to help other kids be successful with stargazing.