Starry Hill News

Asteroid To Pass Earth on Halloween (10/26/15)

On the night of October 30th and the morning of October 31st, asteroid 2015 TB145 will be passing earth at a distance of about 300,000 miles. For comparison, the moon is about 230,000 miles from earth. We will be attempting to view and photograph it here at Starry Hill.

What an Extraordinary Lunar Eclipse! (9/28/15)

Lunar eclipse, supermoon, early evening, perfect weather and lots of stargazers all combined to make this Sep 27, 2015 event one to be remembered!

From Mt Rainier To the Heart of the Milky Way (8/20/15)

Mt Rainier is a great place for stargazing -- this astrophoto was taken with our 5" refractor in just twelve minutes of imaging time from Paradise at Mt Rainier National Park. Visitors to Mt Rainier helped us in capturing this image.

2015 Star Guides Lineup (8/10/15)

Not only is Starry Hill a place for kids to come to connect with our universe, it is also a place that, as much as possible, is run by kids. That's why we have the Star Guides program, now in its fourth year.

Get Ready: Sep 27th Lunar Eclipse -- Big & Easy (8/9/15)

On September 27th, the Moon will travel through earth's shadow for the second time this year and turn deep red in color. But unlike last April's lunar eclipse, this one will occur in the evening instead of the early morning and will be 13% larger since the moon will be at perigee (closest in its orbit around earth). Not to be missed!