STARGAZING ALERT: Feb 23-1st Quarter, Feb 25-Delta Leonids Meteor Shower, Mar 2-Full Moon, Mar 7-Moon passes Jupiter 

Time to make Reservations (1/6/18)

Since the start of the 2017/8 school year, the number of requests we have received for reservations by teachers has been greater than ever. If you are a school teacher who would like to bring your students to Starry Hill, we encourage you to contact us ASAP.

A Super Blue Blood Moon? (12/31/17)

We will be experiencing an extraordinary triple event on the morning of January 31st: a blue moon, a supermoon, and a lunar eclipse 'blood moon' all in one.

Volunteer Astronomers in the Parks (11/13/17)

Starry Hill was recently featured on the Washington's National Park Fund website for its involvement with public outreach at Mt Rainier National Park. Tap to learn more.

The Spectacular Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 (8/21/17)

It has been said that a total solar eclipse is the most spectacular celestial event that one can witness. We traveled to Oregon for the August 21st eclipse to find out for ourselves...

A Special Star Party Season (8/21/17)

Our 2017 summer star-party season has just ended. Every star party had good weather, with lots of kids and adults attending. We love it when attendees share with us their words about their experiences...