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2014-2-28: Mt Rainier Natl. Park Interpretive Staff Visit Starry Hill ⬅︎
Considering that Mt Rainier forms a grand backdrop to Starry Hill, we were especially excited to host the people who make up the Interpretive and Education Staff at Mt Rainier National Park.

And though it was winter in the Pacific Northwest when the skies are nearly always gray, the skies were clear during their visit and Mt. Rainier appeared in all its grandeur. Did the Rangers have something to do with this?

Since they normally are busy putting on shows for others, it was our great pleasure to put on a show for them. We had them do a little bit of astrophotography in the observatory and then challenged them to a 'universe-sized' contest in the planetarium. Of course they did great and they even entertained us with song. So much fun!

Thanks for visiting Starry Hill. We hope you return this summer for a Starry Hill Star Party!