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Choosing a Telescope

A Telescope can Trigger a Lifetime Connection to the Stars in a Child
Starry Hill is all about helping children connect with our Universe and the starry night skies above. Many adults who call themselves stargazers will tell you that it all began when they were children after getting a telescope. A telescope can spark a deep connection with the stars that can last a lifetime.

It is this possibility that entices many parents to purchase telescopes for their children. Too often, however, after getting used a couple of times, those telescopes end up in closets collecting dust instead of starlight. And those children, instead of their excitement increasing, lose interest.

If you are considering purchasing a telescope for a child, we at Starry Hill would like to help you choose the right one -- one that just might help spark a lifetime of stargazing -- by providing some recommendations based on our experience with thousands of kids here at Starry Hill. Tap Next to get started.