About Starry Hill

Starry Hill is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing astronomy education and stargazing activities to children and the adults connected to them. We are located near the town of Eatonville, WA, at a dark sky site. We offer planetarium shows, observatory tours, stargazing events and more.

Planetarium Shows

Our Planetarium is a theater with a dome-shaped screen above that creates an immersive you-are-there experience. We use it as a 'spaceship' to travel the Universe.

We offer shows that match state astronomy standards, general interest shows and more. Perhaps one of our shows would be perfect for your group. We often create new shows when asked.

Observatory Tours & Telescope Training

Our Observatory is a building with a dome-shaped roof and a large 300-mm telescope inside. During the day we use it as a classroom to teach about astronomy.

Outside the Observatory is an area we call the Viewing Platform. During the day we set it up with numerous telescopes to provide training in their use.

At night both the Observatory and Platform are used to connect with the real universe during Star Parties.

Stargazing Events

The premier activity at Starry Hill is the Star Party -- an event in which many telescopes are used to view the treasures of the night sky.

Star parties begin in early evening so that everyone can become familiar with the telescopes. During twilight we spend time in the planetarium learning how to find the targets.

Once twilight ends, everyone grabs a telescope and the hunt begins. Polaris, double-stars, star clusters and galaxies are always part of the adventure. Shooting stars often streak by and Jupiter with its many moons, or Saturn with its grand rings, may be out. Astrophotography is available in the observatory for those who'd like to try imaging a celestial treasure.

Our Star Parties are usually scheduled for moonless, August nights. They can be magical, unforgettable events for children and adults!

To read some of the things kids have written about their field trips to Starry Hill, click here. If you have questions or if you'd like to schedule an event, please contact us.