Choosing a Telescope for a Child

Recommendation 6: Three Telescopes to Consider
So, we are recommending a telescope with a 6" (150mm) mirror, on a dobsonian mount, and without GOTO. If you would like some specific recommendations, here are three very good, reasonably-priced telescopes that can provide a lifetime of viewing pleasure:

Orion StarBlast 6 Tabletop Telescope. We use this small telescope at Starry Hill and are regularly amazed at how good the views are. It comes with two eyepieces.

Orion SkyQuest XT6 Classic Dobsonian. We use the 8" version of this telescope but the 6" model is more manageable by kids and also very good. It comes with only one eyepiece so a second one is needed such as the Sirius 12.5mm or the wide-field Stratus 17mm.

Skywatcher 6” Traditional Dobsonian. This is very similar to the Orion XT6 but it comes with two eyepieces.

Of course there are lots of other good options available but the ones above pack a lot of value. If you are considering something else and would like our opinion, feel free to email.