Choosing a Telescope for a Child

Recommendation 1: Purchase from a Telescope Store
Where you buy can make a big difference. The telescopes found in local box stores will more likely lead to frustration due to small, poor optics on shaky mounts. We recommend that you instead purchase from a dedicated telescope store. Here are three that we can recommend:

✭ Orion Telescopes ( This is a very popular online store with great value and return policies. A very good place for people starting out (but avoid the cheapest stuff).

✭ Cloud Break Optics ( This store offers online sales and, more importantly, has a physical storefront in Seattle. A great place to see telescopes and ask questions.

✭ OPT ( This site is one of the most comprehensive astronomy stores in the US. A great place to learn what is available across the cost spectrum (but avoid the cheapest stuff).