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2017-1-23: Lots of New Planetarium Shows ⬅︎
Our Universe is really cool and it's really big! With so much to explore, it can be hard to decide what planetarium shows would be best for the kids who visit us. So we recently asked kids to help us by sending in their questions about space. We received so many great questions and went right to work creating new shows, one for each question.

After months of work, we now have many new mini-shows for kids that we call, collectively, Cool Space -- Ask Starry Hill Version. Each show takes about 3-5 minutes. Here are some of the cool questions we've addressed...

✩ Why is it warmer in summer than in winter?
✩ Is it possible for a solar flare to hit earth?
✩ What elements make up the moon's surface?
✩ How has our moon changed and will it change more?
✩ Why does the moon change appearance every night?
✩ What is a solar eclipse? When is the next one?
✩ Why is Pluto no longer a planet?
✩ Could there be life elsewhere in our solar system?
✩ What are super massive blackholes?
✩ What would happen if you went through a blackhole?
✩ How many galaxies are there in the Universe?
✩ How did ancient cultures learn astronomy?
✩ How did we get our constellations?
✩ How many stars can we see? (due to light pollution)
✩ What are the largest optical telescopes?
✩ Are there people in space right now?
✩ What would happen to a jelly-filled donut in space?
✩ What would happen if the earth stopped spinning?
✩ Is our solar system moving towards a black hole?
✩ Why does the moon turn ‘blood’ red sometimes?
✩ When will Andromeda collide with our Milky Way galaxy?
✩ What happens when a comet gets close to or hits the sun?
✩ What would it be like to visit other galaxies?
✩ What are shooting stars (meteors)?
✩ How do the sun and moon affect earth’s tides?

Maybe your students would benefit by some of these shows? Maybe they have their own questions? Send us an email if you'd like to bring out your group of students to watch these or others that we have available.