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2016-9-01: What Kids Tell us About Their Time at Starry Hill ⬅︎
Thank you for the amazing experience. I loved the planetarium and the observatory. My favorite part was when we learned how to take pictures through the telescope. Navjeet

What I liked most was pretending to be in a space ship. Thank you so so much for letting us come. It was really fun!!!! Mia

This was the best field trip I have and will go on. Derek

I loved how you let us move the dome. Poetry

It was super, super fun to get to spend time at Starry Hill. Jayden

I loved the 100 facts in 100 seconds. It was awesome. Kyah

It’s been an honor coming to Starry Hill. My favorite part was getting the Pluto question right. Tristan

My favorite thing was learning how to take astropictures and moving the dome around. Makayla

My favorite part at Starry Hill was in the Planetarium when we did the Big Trip and Big Spin shows. It was so much fun! Thanks again. Savanna

Just being there was amazing! I had so much fun and thanks for having us! Jaramillo

Thank you for our great adventure at Starry Hill. We absolutely loved it. Andrew

Thank you so much for allowing my class to go… it was such a pleasure and honor. My favorite part was learning to control the dome. Bella

I hope to go back because it was awesome and fun. Bryant

Thank you so much for the great opportunity to see so much and learn so much about space! My very favorite part was when we got to go out of our galaxy. I had an amazing time and I wish I could go back. Emma

This has been the best field trip ever. Thank you. Tiffany

Thank you so much for letting us come out to Starry hill. I loved the planetarium. It was amazing and beautiful. And the observatory was also amazing. Hannah

Thank you for the great trip to Starry Hill. It was so fun to explore the galaxy. I love the way you made it so entertaining. Everyone was amazed by like everything. i hope you know I’m super grateful. Isabelle

It was cool how we got to take a trip through the Universe. Tristen

It was the best field trip that I have ever been on. It was such a cool experience to learn about telescopes and space. Thank you for the amazing field trip. Annalise

Thank you for the awesome experience. Bryce

I enjoyed looking at the pictures other kids took at Starry Hill. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I hope to see you again. Brooklyn

Thank you for having me. Your planetarium was spectacular! And your observatory is amazing! I hope I can come back again so we can take some pictures in the night sky with your gigantic telescopes! Alana