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2015-11-14: We are Part of a Glorious Collection of Stars ⬅︎
Starry Hill has been providing shows for Eatonville School District teachers and students for several years. In addition, most of our Star Guides are students in Eatonville School District.

Krestin Bahr, Superintendent of Eatonville School District, honored three Star Guide students in this post on the Eatonville SD website:

A Glorious Collection of Stars (excerpts) - October 2015
Most of my life, I have thought that being an astronaut would be the best job in the world. This month, I have changed my mind after spending some time with some Starry Hill Star Guides. 
I had the opportunity to share a star party with these star guides last month on the evening of the Blood Moon event. The students led the entire evening showing their skills and knowledge that far surpassed any adult I know.
 I was intrigued by their level of skill and commitment and interviewed them after the party:

1. Who are you?
Braden Henricksen, 16 yrs. sophomore;
Gwen Pederson, 14yrs. freshman;
John Williams, 14yrs. freshman

2. How has the Starry Hill Observatory experience changed your life?
John: It has given me more experience. I want to know about engineering.
Braden: It has changed my life. I have logged over 100 hours of volunteer time hosting star parties.
Gwen: I love the star parties.... I know what I am going to say and I feel confident and important.

3. What have you learned about the sky and about yourself?
Braden: After years of doing this at Starry Hill, I still can’t believe how much is out there.
John: Every time you walk out there and think about your place in the universe, I feel awestruck.

4. What is the coolest thing you have ever seen or been able to do here?
John: Everything has the cool factor. The Blood Moon that we photographed was an amazing thing.
Braden: I photographed the Orion Nebula... I submitted the finished photo into an international competition from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. I placed in the top 100 photos in the world...
Gwen: The super moon pictures were selected for the KOMO News selection which was cool for us!

When probed as to what was next for these three astronomers, they mentioned that they would like to learn as much as they could about stars, get featured in big magazines such as Nat Geo Space and to continue to take more math and science. They were all focused on volunteering and college.

The time spent with these three outstanding Eatonville students made me think deeply about how we learn. As schools demand more of their graduates, more so than in any time of our history, we are reminded that it is the journey of learning and becoming that sets children up for success in this world. To look outside of themselves, to give back to community, and to care about others…these are things that are not tested on any standardized test.

May we always remember that we are part of a glorious collection of stars. Thank you to all who are star guides for the children that they love and serve. That we remember what is feels like to be in awe. Thank you to the Tom and Gracie’s of the world. You make this a better place for children to be.

Sincerely Superintendent Bahr

Starry Hill would like to thank Superintendent Bahr and the teachers of Eatonville School District for their support.