2015-10-26: Asteroid To Pass Earth on Halloween ⬅︎
On the night of October 30th and the morning of October 31st, asteroid 2015 TB145 will be passing earth at a distance of about 300,000 miles. For comparison, the moon is about 230,000 miles from earth. It should be visible in a medium-sized telescope and we at Starry Hill will be attempting to view and photograph it.

Compared with most objects in space, 2015 TB145 is tiny -- only about 300 to 600 meters wide. However, even at this size, if it were to impact earth at its current speed of about 78,000 MPH, the effects would be catastrophic.

In Winslow, Arizona there is a large, 1-mile diameter, 500 foot deep crater that remains from an asteroid impact that occurred about 50,000 years ago. The size of the asteroid that created it is estimated at just 50 meters -- tiny compared to 2015 TB145.

Fortunately, we are in no danger from 2015 TB145 since it won't impact earth. But it does gives us a rare opportunity to attempt to view a passing rock in space. If you can, try to view it.

Here's a video showing the path of 2015 TB145 through Orion on the night of October 30th and into the early hours of the 31st.

It will be passing very close to the Crab Nebula in Taurus.