2015-7-15: A Trip to the Trifid Nebula ⬅︎
Most people love to go on trips -- to the mountains, beaches, tropics, cruises and more. We at Starry Hill love to travel through the Cosmos and, last night, we went to the Trifid Nebula in the Constellation Sagittarius!

The Trifid, also known as M20, lies in Sagittarius, towards the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. At 5,200 light years away, it is far from Earth but still relatively close when compared to the size of our galaxy.

What did we see in the Trifid? Stars being born inside huge, colorful red and blue clouds of hydrogen and dusts -- so gorgeous!

The red portion is an emission nebula -- ionized gases glowing brightly due to the present of hot, newborn stars within.

The blue portion is a reflection nebula -- gases reflecting the actual light of the hot, newborn stars within.

The dark lines are dark nebulas -- gases and dust so thick that no light can penetrate.

How long did this trip take? In other words, how long did it take to capture this picture? Under one hour! It actually consists of 70 forty-second individual pictures that were stacked together into one picture to bring out details and reduce noise.

Traveling to the tropics and other destinations on Earth is cool -- but traveling through space is 'out of this world'! Come join us sometime.