2015-4-19: Trio in Leo ⬅︎
The Summer and Fall skies are full of fantastic large, bright objects like the Lagoon Nebula, Hercules Cluster, Dumbbell, Andromeda and so many more. Likewise, the Winter sky has the fantastic Orion Nebula, Pleiades and so many more.

But what about Spring? It's different... instead of bright, large objects, what Spring has in abundance are galaxies -- the tiny, dim, wisps of light that number in the hundreds and thousands speckling the night sky.

To some stargazers, these galaxies are difficult to find and lack visual appeal due to their dimness and small sizes in the eyepiece. But to many others, these galaxies are exotic because of their incredible distances, uniqueness and immense actual sizes. At Starry Hill, we love galaxies!

A great way to bring out the details of galaxies is through astrophotography. What looks dim and fuzzy in the eyepiece can look bright and detailed when using a camera and the right processing.

Last night, led by one of our teenaged Star Guides, we imaged the famous Trio in Leo - - a group of three spiral galaxies around 35 million light years away in the constellation Leo. We took twenty 30-second photos using a Canon DSLR and a 5-inch refractor. We combined the pics to bring out the details. The galaxy on the right is NGC 3628. M65 is on below and M66 is on the left. Pretty awesome!