2015-2-17: Winter is a Great Time for Stargazing ⬅︎
We at Starry Hill don't take the few clear nights in the Pacific Northwest in Winter for granted. We will be found up at night in the cold taking it all in and often joined by others who share in a love of the night sky.

Here are two astrophotos we took a few nights ago with the help of teenaged Star Guides, Braden Henricksen and John Williams.

Orion Nebula (left). This star forming region consists of huge clouds of hydrogen and helium gases lit by the young stars within. It is fairly close at about 1,300 light years away.

Pleiades (right). This famous star Cluster is in the constellation of Taurus and is even closer at about 440 light years. In Japanese, this is called Subaru -- yes, the same as the automaker with the logo of stars!

These were taken with a small 5" telescope and a Canon DSLR camera. Critical in all this was the use of a mount that tracked the telescope with the movement of the stars due to earth's rotation. Multiple images were taken of each and these were stacked to reduce noise. Photoshop was then used to bring out details.

Connecting with the night sky is what Starry Hill is all about.

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