2012-8-22: Seven for Seven ⬅︎
Those of us who live in Western Washington know how difficult it is to count on having clear skies for any given night. We can go a month or more without even a single night of clear skies.

So what would the chances be of scheduling seven star parties -- even in the month of August -- and having clear skies for ALL of them? Zero, right? Wrong!

This season has been different so far this month, Starry Hill Observatory and Planetarium has hosted seven star parties and every one has had beautiful, clear, moonless skies, full of stars, a glowing Milky Way and lots of shooting stars.

What a magical season this has been for us and the kids, parents and teachers who have come out to Starry Hill for stargazing adventures!

We had groups from public schools, home schools, Sunday schools as well as a variety of community groups. Well, the season is not over. We still have scouts and others coming. Let's hope this season of clear skies continues!