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2010-6-01: Starry Hill Observatory and Planetarium opens! ⬅︎
After years of planning and construction, we are excited to announce that Starry Hill Observatory and Planetarium is now open to school, university, scouting, church and other community groups that are interested in astronomy education and stargazing resources.

What is Starry Hill? Starry Hill is a non-profit foundation started by two educators with decades of teaching experience committed to providing astronomy education and stargazing experiences to students and the adults connected to them.

Starry Hill is located near the town of Eatonville, Washington, in the Cascade foothills. It is at a dark- sky site -- a location away from the lights of cities allowing the viewing of planets, galaxies, nebulae, and clusters in their entire splendor!

Starry Hill consists of both an observatory and a planetarium. An observatory is a building with a rotating dome that houses a telescope. But there's also a large, outdoor viewing area with multiple telescopes of different types and sizes so that students can hunt down and explore astronomical objects simultaneously.

A planetarium is a theater which a hemispherical screen above. This virtual universe becomes both a spaceship and a classroom allowing travel to other worlds and other times in order to study what's out there and how the universe works. Starry Hill's planetarium is digital allowing it to do far more than what is capable in a traditional planetarium.

We are now partnering with teachers, professors and leaders from public, private and home school groups, from scouting, civic, church and other community groups in the surrounding communities.