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2018-4-02: New Star Guide Assistant ⬅︎
To help you plan your own stargazing adventures, we've added a new Star Guide feature to our website. It is designed to be used by kids and adults in the Starry Hill region and it can be used whether you view naked-eye, with binoculars or with a telescope. It includes three parts:

Daily Forecast - check out the stargazing conditions for each day based on the sun and moon. Learn how good the day is for stargazing and when to start viewing planets and deep space targets.

Solar System - learn which planets are out and where to look. Get information on special events such as meteor showers, eclipses and conjunctions.

Deep Space - learn which stars, constellations, nebulas, clusters, galaxies and other cool targets outside our solar system are available each month, what they are like and how to find them.

Check out the new Star Guide for yourself. Clear skies!