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STARGAZING NEWS: Apr 22-1st Quarter/Lyrids Meteor Shower, Apr 30-Full Moon, May 6-Moon-Mars-Saturn Alignment 

Mt Rainier Natl. Park Interpretive Staff Visit Starry Hill (2/27/14)

Considering that Mt Rainier forms a grand backdrop to Starry Hill, we were especially excited to host the people who make up the Interpretive and Education Staff at Mt Rainier National Park.

New Star Guide Program for Kids (8/9/13)

New for our 2013 Stargazing Season is our Star Guide Program. Star Guides are kids from the local area who have a strong interest in stargazing and want to help other kids be successful with stargazing.

Eatonville Dispatch: Starry Hill keeps eyes on the skies (4/3/13)

This is an excerpt from an article in the Eatonville Dispatch about Starry Hill Observatory and Planetarium reprinted with permission. Thanks Eatonville Dispatch for your visit and the kind article!

Boy Scout Troop 621 Earns Astronomy Merit Badges! (8/28/11)

Starry Hill hosted its first two-night event for the boy scouts from Troop 621 seeking to earn their Astronomy merit badges. The scouts were awesome!

Starry Hill Observatory and Planetarium opens! (5/31/10)

After years of planning and construction, we are very excited to announce the opening of Starry Hill Observatory and Planetarium.