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Beehive Cluster/M44 ⬅︎

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The Beehive Cluster, also known as M44 and Praesepe, the Manger, is one of the brightest and largest clusters in our night sky. From a dark site, it is fairly easy to see naked-eye because it is large and because of the the dim surroundings in Cancer.

The Beehive is easy to find from a dark site. Look for a glowing patch of space between bright Pollux in Gemini and Regulus in Leo. It is spectacular in binoculars and a telescope.
Viewing Beehive Cluster/M44
LevelModerateRatingBest ViewingEarly April to early June
FindFind the constellation Cancer between the bright stars Pollux in Gemini and Regulus in Leo. About halfway between, look for a glowing patch about twice the size of our moon. This may require a dark site.
Although it is possible to see the Beehive naked-eye as a glowing patch, it is probably not possible to discern individual stars.
Look for a dozen or more bright and dim stars scattered over 1°. Try drawing what you see.
Since the Beehive is so large, use low power to take it all in. See dozens of stars. Try drawing what you see. Go deep using higher power.
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