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Cancer, the Crab ⬅︎

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The constellation Cancer is known as the Crab. The word cancer in Latin means crab. It is the dimmest constellation of the zodiac but it is easy to find being between the bright stars of the constellations Leo and Gemini.

Although Cancer has no bright stars, it is known for the famous Beehive Cluster, or M44. From a dark site, this beautiful cluster can be seen dimly naked-eye but it shines in binoculars and telescopes. Another cluster, M67, requires optical aid. See the links below.
Viewing Cancer, the Crab
LevelEasyRatingBest ViewingMid-January to late April
FindFind the bright star Castor and Pollux in Leo. To the east (left), find Regulus in Leo. Cancer is between. A dark site is needed since Cancer is a fairly dim constellation.
Find the main stars of Cancer. Look for the dim glow of the Beehive Cluster. Try drawing the constellation with stars, lines and labels.
With binoculars many more stars will be visible. The Beehive Cluster will appear very bright. See the link below. Take time to explore.
Explore the Beehive Cluster and M67. See the link below.
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