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Eskimo Nebula ⬅︎

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The Eskimo Nebula is the colorful remains of a dead star. When it ran out of fuel long ago, its outer layers began to drift away from its core. The drifting cloud is called a planetary nebula and the core, a white dwarf.

In our sky the Eskimo Nebula is about the size of Jupiter but it is over 10,000 times dimmer. It may be possible to see it with binoculars but a telescope will be needed to see it as more than a fuzzy point of light. However it appears, it is special to witness a star in its final stage of existence in a distant part of our Milky Way.
Viewing Eskimo Nebula
LevelChallengingRatingBest ViewingEarly January to early April
FindIn Gemini, form a triangle with Wasat, Al Kirkab and Alkibash. About halfway between Al Kirkab and Alkibash, go up slightly. For more help use the 'Gemini' link below.
Look for a dim, slightly fuzzy ‘star’ next to a brighter star.
View a small, bluish, fuzzy orb.
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