Delta Leonids Meteor Shower February 25, 2018 ⬅︎
Meteors, also known as shooting stars, are tiny pieces of rock and dust left behind by passing comets. When they collide with earth's atmosphere, their great speeds cause the flashes of light that we see as they burn up.

As far as meteor showers go, the Delta Leonids is considered a very weak shower -- not a lot of action at about 2 meteors per hour. But it is the best shower in the month of February visible from Starry Hill and surrounding area.

This shower peaks on February 25th but actually lasts from mid-February through about March 10th. Look towards the constellation Leo which rises around sunset in the east. The radiant -- the point from which the meteors appear to come from -- is the star Zosma, near the rump of the lion. Delta Leonids are not very fast -- they will typically appear to move slowly across the sky.
Viewing Delta Leonids Meteor Shower
LevelModerateRatingBest ViewingFebruary 25
FindLook SE after 7pm toward the constellation Leo. Look for bright Regulus. Then find Zosma, the radiant (see above). Expect only about 2 meteors per hour on average but there can be more. They are slow moving.