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The Crab Nebula is perhaps the most popular supernova remnant among stargazers.

Back in 1054 AD, a light appeared in earth's sky so bright that it could be seen during the day as well as at night. People all over the world could see it shining in the sky for about two years. Fast forward to 1921 and people finally figured out that the Crab Nebula is the remains of that nova of 1054 AD.

As popular as it is, it is fairly dim in binoculars and also in telescopes. But to see a supernova still rapidly expanding with a rapidly spinning pulsar at its core is pretty cool!

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* Locating: find red Betelgeuse, red Aldebaran, then Zeta Tau. Look up 1 finger-width.
* Binoculars: view a dim glowing orb from a dark site.
* Telescope: view some structure.
* Astrophotography: 'view' the supernova in color and lots of details.
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