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Rosette Nebula ⬅︎

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The Rosette Nebula is one of the most stunning targets in the night sky due to its vivid colors, beautiful cluster of stars, rose-shaped nebulously and large size— over two times the diameter of a full moon. But it is very dim. Although the brighter stars can be seen with binoculars, the nebulosity requires either a large telescope at a dark site or astrophotography.
Viewing Rosette Nebula
LevelModerateRatingBest ViewingMid-December to late March
FindLook about halfway between Procyon (Canis Minor) and Betelgeuse (Orion). For more help use the 'Monoceros' and 'Constellations of Winter' links below.
Look for a dim, small cluster of stars at the center of the nebula. A dark, moonless site is needed.
Look for a cluster of stars at the center of the nebula. With a large telescope at a dark, moonless site, it may be possible to view the nebulosity. It may help to use a special UHC filter on the eyepiece to block out all but the light from the nebula.
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