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Horsehead Nebula ⬅︎

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The famous Horsehead Nebula in Orion is much loved by stargazers worldwide. Yes, it really does look like a horse's head! Or maybe more like a dragon's head? It is part of a nebula that is glowing from the light of a nearby star but the horsehead itself is thick, dark and only visible because it is being silhouetted. As loved as it is, it can be very difficult to actually see since it is so dim.
Viewing Horsehead Nebula
LevelChallengingRatingBest ViewingEarly December to mid-March
FindA dark site with no moon is essential. A telescope is required and probably a large one. Find the Belt of Orion. Look below Alnitak. For more help use the 'Orion' link below.
Look for a dimly glowing nebula. Try to keep Alnitak out of the field of view. Look for the small silhouetted horsehead. It may help to use a special H-Beta filter on the eyepiece to block out all but the light from the nebula.
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