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The Orion Nebula is perhaps the most spectacular celestial object in our winter night sky. It is an example of a stellar nursery where new stars are being formed within bright nebulosity.

It's one of the few nebulas that can be seen naked-eye. It's even better in binoculars. But the view in a telescope, especially a larger one, can be mesmerizing... the extensive flowing clouds... the glowing green color (green being the color that our eyes see best in low-light)... and the sparkling stars are all part of the magic.

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* Locating: find the Belt of Orion, look below for the nebula.
* Naked eye: it can be seen but it will look star-like.
* Binoculars: some nebulosity can be seen as fuzziness.
* Telescope: a small telescope will show nebulosity but a a larger one will reveal huge wisps of mostly green nebulosity.
* Astrophotography: a great way to 'see' the incredible structure and varied colors.
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