2018-January Venus ⬅︎
This month Venus might not be visible at all being so close to the sun. If it can be viewed the best viewing will be in late Jan. Look SW in evening twilight. (see above).

General Information
Venus is often easy to find because it outshines all the other planets and stars in the night sky. Only the moon is brighter.

Like Mercury, Venus often appears in twilight shortly before sunrise or after sunset. From antiquity it has been known as the Morning Star and Evening Star at these times.

But unlike Mercury, Venus can also appear at nighttime. This is because its maximum elongation -- angular distance from the sun in our sky -- can be much greater than that of Mercury.

Binoculars & Telescope
Since Venus goes through phases like our moon, a telescope can be used to view the current phase. Warning: never use optical aid to view at dawn since the sun might rise while viewing and cause severe eye damage.
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