2018-January Uranus ⬅︎
Uranus will be setting earlier each night this month. So the best viewing is in early January. Look in Pisces in the evening. To find it, use optical aid, a star chart (above) or a GOTO telescope.

General Information
Unlike most other planets, people did not realize that Uranus was a planet for a long time. Being so far from the sun, it is barely visible even from dark sites and moves very slowly in our sky taking 84 years to orbit the sun. People didn't 'discover' Uranus as a planet until 1781.

View Uranus in the constellation Pisces until 2019 and then Aires until 2025. Unless you are at a very dark site, optical aid is needed.

Binoculars & Telescope
Uranus appears star-like in binoculars and as a small blue-green orb in a telescope. Even with a small telescope, no features or moons are visible. But for many, just to see it is very special. Warning: never use optical aid to view at dawn since the sun might rise while viewing and cause severe eye damage.
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