2018-January Jupiter ⬅︎
Jupiter is out all month in the morning hours before sunrise. Look S for this bright planet. On the 7th Mars will pass Jupiter. (see above).

General Information
Jupiter is easy to find because it is so bright. Only Venus and the moon are brighter in our night sky. Because it moves so slowly in earth's sky -- about one constellation eastward each year -- once you learn its location it is easier to find it again.

Binoculars & Telescope
Binoculars can reveal the four largest moons of Jupiter -- Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. From one night to the next, it is possible to watch them change positions as they orbit Jupiter.

A telescope, even a small one, can reveal the bands in Jupiter's atmosphere, the Great Red Spot and more moons. Warning: never use optical aid to view at dawn since the sun might rise while viewing and cause severe eye damage.
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