2017-12-02: A Matter of Time ⬅︎
With astrophotography, time is the most important factor. Above are two pictures that we took of the famous Crab Nebula, a supernova explosion that was so bright that people from around the earth reported seeing it during daytime back in the year 1054.

For both photos we used our large 300mm telescope under the dome at Starry Hill. However, the photo on the left consists of 40 minutes of exposure time and the photo on the right consists of 120 minutes of exposure time -- three times as much time.

Both astrophotos are cool but the one on the right shows that more time means more light and more detail.

One more difference is that the photo on the left was taken with a regular DSLR (Canon) camera but the one on the right was taken with a CCD astrophotography camera. The difference is that the DSLR, like all regular cameras, has an infra-red blocking filter in it but the CCD does not. This allows the CCD to pick up more of the reds in the Crab Nebula than the DSLR.