2017-12-01: Iris Nebula Revisited ⬅︎
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The Iris Nebula is a bright and beautiful reflection nebula in the constellation Cepheus. It is 3 light-years wide and 1,300 light-years away. Even though a light-year is about 6 trillion miles, the Iris Nebula is among the closer deep space objects to earth allowing it to appear fairly bright through a telescope.

In September we imaged the Iris Nebula. We used 30 second exposures which turned out to not be long enough. So, on the first clear night of November, we tried imaging it again, this time using 300 second exposures. The result? More detail!

Tap the Toggle button to view the image taken last September over the new one. Yes, quite a difference that exposure time makes.

Both images were taken by our Star Guide Braden Henricksen.