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Triangulum Galaxy December 14, 2017 ⬅︎
Fall is a great time to try to image the Triangulum Galaxy as it is high in our sky in early evening.

This galaxy is relatively close to us at just 3 million light years away. It is part of our Local Group of Galaxies which includes the Milky Way, Andromeda and several others.

The Triangulum Galaxy is the smallest spiral galaxy of the Local Group. It has about 30 billion stars. The Milky Way may contain 400 billion. Andromeda may contain 1 trillion stars. Spiral galaxies are made of a flattened disk with a core that has arms attached to it.

From a very dark sky site, it is supposed to be possible to see Triangulum naked-eye but we've never seen it this way. Even in a telescope, it is very dim because it seen face-on with the light spread out over a large area.

But with a camera attached to a telescope, we can 'see' the Triangulum Galaxy in all its glory!