Starry Hill News

Comet Lovejoy is Out and Moving Fast! (1/14/15)

The first comet of the year, Lovejoy, is now high in the sky above Starry Hill and our homes. We imaged it last night and found it to be a challenging target but, by the end, we got good results!

2015 Is Going to be a Great Year for Stargazing! (1/3/15)

Comet Lovejoy, two Total Lunar Eclipses, the Perseids at their best as well as a trip to Pluto are part of the 2015 line-up and so much more. 2015 is going to be a great year for stargazing!

NEW FULLDOME SHOW: Back To the Moon for Good (10/22/14)

In case you haven't heard, there is a race going on to get back to the moon. Teams from all over the world are now competing to be the first to land a spacecraft on the Moon before the end of 2015.

So Many Magical Star Parties, 2014 (8/29/14)

Never before have we had so many Star Parties in a row at Starry Hill. Groups came from all over and we had nearly perfect weather for all of them -- wow!

2014 Star Guides (8/28/14)

Not only is Starry Hill a place for kids to come to connect with our universe, it is also a place that, as much as possible, is run by kids. That's why we have the Star Guides program, now in its third year. For the 2014 stargazing season, we had three great Star Guides -- Braden, Evan and John.