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2015-11-10: Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Braden Henricksen ⬅︎
The Royal Observatory of Greenwich has released its 2015 book with its selection of the best astrophotos from around the world. The Royal Observatory is probably the most famous, historically, of the world's observatories. We are proud that this book includes a photo taken at Starry Hill by one of our Star Guides, Braden Henricksen.

Braden has spent countless hours at Starry Hill, often in cold weather, setting up equipment and taking pictures under the stars. He has spent countless more hours developing and refining skills at processing astrophotos to reduce noise and bring out details. Braden is both a scientist and an artist -- a rare combination.

Congratulations Braden and good luck to you and all our Star Guides in 2016!

To see a picture of Braden with his photo that was selected by the Royal Observatory of Greenwich, click here.